Connecting Vermont - One Repeater at a Time

Vermont Interconnect Team
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Vermont Interconnect Team

The Vermont Interconnect Team is a tightly knit group of amateur radio operators in the Central Vermont area. We pride ourselves on maintaining the largest VHF linked repeater system in the State of Vermont. In addition to our own system, we provide radio maintenance to other clubs in the area.

The team was started in 2006 when we identified a need for better radio communications in Central Vermont. Our first project was the installation of a co-located VHF/UHF repeater system atop Mount Ellen at over 4,000 feet above sea level. This original system included multiple remote receivers, cross linking, radio over IP functionality as well as providing one of the largest coverage areas in the state. VIT also maintained an APRS digipeater which was able to relay packets all the way from Montreal, QC all the way down the green mountains into Northern Massachusetts. Please see our “System” page on our website to see how much we’ve grown since then.

Although membership has changed and friends have come and gone, we still stand by our goal to provide superior repeater coverage and functionality to allĀ radio operators in state, and beyond.